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Fitness and Mental Health Performance


There are A LOT of online fitness programs out there that are easy to subscribe to and give you that jolt of inspiration, confidence and motivation to "get back on track."

But how often and how quickly does that fade? Repeating the cycles of frustrations and not seeing any results.

Today's culture is flooded with so much information across various social media platforms where the concepts of fitness and nutrition have become more complex than they need to be.

That's where I come in. I have been  through various training settings and programs over the last 15 years. Through that time, learning to adapt and overcome sudden and chronic injuries, including many life changes, challenged me in ways I could never imagine to adhere to the fundamental concepts I knew and see get lost within so many, now, more than ever.

If you aren't looking for traditional therapy services, then ShoreLine Performance is it.  Addressing our physical health and nutrition needs can have its own therapeutic effect. I have a strong belief that you can learn the fundamentals of this, changing habits that feel sustainable. My goal is for you to become equipped  with the right mindsets and evidence-based approaches to hold as your own. With that, will come the added bonus of your own weight loss journey, more prepared for the job, healing your relationship with food, yourself and others. 


My experiences have taken me through a variety of training settings, eating habits, failures and successes. 


I am not a doctor, physical therapist or dietician. If we find that these specialized services are needed, we will work together to ensure you find the best possible fit.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with extensive experiences to help you unlock the fundamentals of your own physical and mental health performances. Together, we can find ways to make sense of the thoughts and break down the barriers standing in your way of making some of the best changes of your life. 

Through the high tides and low tides. Together. 

What's Next?

Rediscover your Purpose
You get to invest in yourself now
  • Workouts and physical activity plans designed to fit your needs, lifestyle and work/home schedules. Gym membership or not, we get to make this work for you.

  • Nutrition coaching.

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly virtual check-ins. 

  • Already have a workout plan but looking for accountability? No problem. I am here to be your coach too and help you adhere to your plan.

High Tides Performance Package

-Plans and Programs tailored to your wants and needs

-Mental Performance Coaching

-Nutrition Guidance


-1 hour check-ins 

The No Wake Zone

-Nutrition Guidance 

-1 hour check-ins

The Coves

-Mental Performance Coaching

-1 hour check-ins 

The Shore Line

FREE two week trial of the High Tides Performance Package

Get a return on the investment in YOU. 

**Special rates are applied to all First Responders, Healthcare Workers, Military, Teachers and their Families. For those who have served and are continuing to serve.


Sign Up

I'll meet you at the ShoreLine. 

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