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Shoreline Therapy, PLLC counseling for first responders, military personnel and healthcare workers.

 Specializing in mental health therapy for:

First Responders

 Veteran Military Service Members & 

Healthcare Workers

"Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction."

 ShoreLine Performance

 Shoreline Therapy utilizes trauma-informed weightlifting psychoeducation along with other specialized and certified training  to address physical fitness and other wellness skills needed to increase mental and physical performance both on and off duty

First Responders, Veteran Military Service Members & Healthcare Workers Mental Health

Shoreline Therapy provides extensive specialized and certified mental health therapy techniques  combined with first hand experiences for the sensitive needs of first responders, veteran military service members and healthcare workers. 

Supervision/Educational Training/
Consultation &
PEER SUpport

Peer support, critical incident debriefings, consultation and educational training services aimed at suicide prevention are offered to various departments and agencies.

Clinical supervision also offered to new graduates and other clinicians looking to obtain their LCSW.


Sea Shore

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