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Get to Know the Founder

Megan Murphy
TRM Level I Trained

Megan (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified First Responder Counselor,  Nationally Registered Basic Emergency Medical Technician, Certified Personal Trainer and TRM Level I trained clinician.

Megan has over 10 years of experience working with various walks of life and assisting them in resolving their unique dysfunctions from : trauma and chronic exposure to it, grief and loss,  low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, depression, codependency and other health and wellness issues.

Through these years, Megan has developed a tremendous passion and drive to assist individuals looking to rediscover, redefine, and rise above the turmoil before them. Megan holds a fundamental belief that each person knows the path and sources needed in their revival and renewed sense of self and purpose through  education and reintegration of the awareness to the mind-body experience.

Prior to  ShoreLine Therapy, Megan  has experience in various mental health and healthcare settings working in a residential community of adults with chronic mental illness,  outpatient services for youth/adolescent/adult survivors of trauma and problematic behaviors, fitness/nutrition consultant, online mental health counseling for adults, inpatient hospital case management services for a Level I trauma center (serving trauma/surgical, orthopedics and both critical care units), volunteer Firefighter and active NREMT-B for a local EMS department.  Over the years, Megan has worked with first responders, active military service members, veterans and frontline workers.

Megan uses a person-centered, somatic based approach, focusing on the adverse effects on your nervous system and overall functioning. To strengthen these approaches Megan continues to uphold the oaths, up-to-date on research and continuing education  needed to maintain the above licensures, certifications and clinical practice.  Each of which have proven to be crucial assets during the therapeutic process, developing deeper understanding of a persons various stages of needs. 

Other frameworks intertwined in the process are:  Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma-Informed, Strength-Based Therapy, Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) and Trauma-informed Weightlifting.

Regardless of the waves you feel you are trying to ride out right now, Megan believes, that working together, you can find your way back to the shoreline with a new sense of self, purpose and overall satisfaction of your life.

When Megan is not working you can find her out on the water, doing yardwork, reading and collecting comics, working out, going to concerts (metalcore music and fun times in the pit!), playing video games and spending time with her dog,  family and friends. 


Amelia "Mia" Murphy
Self Proclaimed Therapist to humans


Amelia makes special appearances in virtual sessions per request or when there is rain, thunder or other unknown loud noises.

Amelia has experience frequenting first responder agencies visiting her family and friends. Amelia is well versed in most therapy techniques having sat through many of the founders sessions. She is most skilled in providing comfort and love.

In Amelia's free time, you can find her sun tanning, watching birds, nature and any sporting event on TV.  Her most favorite place to be is snuggled underneath a blanket.

Education & Qualifications

Bachelors of Art- Psychology; minor Sociology- Eastern Illinois University

Masters of Social Work; Mental Health Concentration- University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Certified Personal Trainer- American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician-Basic- East Central Illinois EMS, OSF Healthcare

Certified First Responder Counselor- Academy Hour

Licensed Clinical Social Worker- State of Illinois (IDFPR)

TRM (Trauma Resiliency Model) Level I TrainedTrauma Resource Institute 

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